The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Eucharistic Congress 10th to 17th June
This weekend Marrion Carroll is speaking at both Masses on The Gift of The Blessed Eucharistic.
On Monday 11th June at 8:00 pm there will be an outdoor Mass in Lavagh at the site of the Old Church in
Evelyn Roe’s field to celebrate the beginning of the Eucharistic Congress .
Calendar of events at the R.D.S.
On RTE Two TV:
Sunday 10th June:        
              1:45 pm—Opening ceremony and Mass celebrated by the Papal Legate, Cardinal Quellet.
              Catholics from 99 countries and every Diocese in Ireland will join the Mass.
On RTE Radio (Long Wave 252)
Monday 11th June:
            1:45 pm—Ecumenical Liturgy of the Word
            4:00 pm—Ecumenical Service.
Tuesday 12th June:
             1:45 pm—Family Day.
             4:00 pm—Mass.
Wednesday 13th June:
             1:45 pm—Priesthood and Ministry.
             4:00 pm—Mass.
Thursday 14th June:
             3:00 pm—Liturgy of Reconciliation.
             4:00 pm—Mass celebrated by Cardinal Sean Brady.
Friday 15th June:
             1:45 pm—Suffering and Healing. Anointing of the sick.
             4:00 pm—Mass.
Saturday 16th June:
            Feast of Immaculate Heart of Mary.
             12:00 pm—Eucharist involving Young People.
Sunday 17th June:
             1:00 pm—Closing Mass (Statio Orbis). Croke Park
 Eucharistic Congress Prayer
Lord Jesus, You were sent by the Father to gather together those who are scattered.
You came among us, doing good and bringing healing, announcing the Word of salvation and giving the Bread which lasts forever.
Be our companion on life’s pilgrim way. May your Holy Spirit inflame our hearts, enliven our hope and open our minds, so that together with our sisters and brothers in faith we may recognise you in the Scriptures and in the breaking of bread.
May your Holy Spirit transform us into one body and lead us to walk humbly on the earth, in justice and love, as witnesses of your
In communion with Mary, whom you gave to us as our Mother at the foot of the cross, through you may all praise, honour and
blessing be to the Father in the Holy Spirit and in the Church, Now and forever. Amen

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